Susan Stockwell: Hidden Histories, Untold Stories


Warrington Museum & Art Gallery presents a brand new exhibition by award-winning artist, Susan Stockwell, exploring the hidden stories behind its eclectic and wide-ranging collections.

Titled ‘Hidden Histories, Untold Stories’, the new exhibition highlights the museum’s role as a cultural collector and storyteller, and brings to life some of the untold stories behind its 200,000 objects.

The exhibition also explores themes around social change, consumerism and how museums across the world are reframing their collections to better reflect the communities, cultures and people they represent.

‘Hidden Histories, Untold Stories’ forms part of the Arts Council England-funded Meeting Point program, led by contemporary arts agency Arts&Heritage.

Artist, Susan Stockwell, said: “As one of the oldest museums in the country, Warrington Museum & Art Gallery also has one of the most varied collections, covering everything from ethnology, archaeology, natural history and Warrington’s own social and industrial history.

“I was inspired to learn more about the stories behind its objects; who originally made them, and what were they used for? I wanted to explore how the museum’s objects help us understand our history, and how the act of collecting and displaying things links to our modern obsession with consumerism and ownership.

“We’re also in a period of social change and questioning, and I wanted see how the museum’s collections could help us engage with current debates.”

Susan’s new exhibition reflects her personal interests in politics, colonialism, social movements and the importance of telling people’s individual and untold stories.

‘Hidden Histories, Untold Stories’ features a series of shopping trollies from different eras in Britain’s history that link the museum’s collections to consumerism; seeing the collection of objects as a form of shopping and the museum’s items as souvenirs of the time.


Sat 24 Oct 2020 - Sun 31 Jan 2021