Jam and Chemicals

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Friday 01 Mar 2024, 7:30pm

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Jam and Chemicals (The Lodger): Work in Progress Sharing

Ever felt like you were on a quest to find home and a sense of belonging? In this new work-in-progress Dora explores this question. Creating an entertaining collage of storytelling, original music and playful characters, the show will explore our need for connection and community and ask what happens when it breaks down?

A mix of custard creams, pigeons and unrealised dreams. you will enter a world where everyone is trying to find their way back home.

Previous audiences feedback from sharing at Physical Fest 2023:


‘It was so engaging! I wasn’t sure where it was going go, the comedy was timed perfectly and contrasted beautifully with the more ‘serious’ moments’

‘Quirky, random, lighthearted, moving and very funny, engaging storytelling, Memories, Absurd, Hilarious’

Ages 14+

Contains reference to suicide


Friday 01 Mar 2024, 7:30pm

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