Elias T Hoth – 20th Anniversary Concert – Cancelled

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This event has unfortunately been cancelled – Please email or call 01925 442345 to request a refund

The ELIAS.T.HOTH 20th ANNIVERSARY concert on Saturday 15th August 2020 brings us the musician’s very own unique extravaganza of original haunting blues, beautiful ballads and blistering mean hard ass kickin’ rock.


Elias.T.Hoth has written and produced 11 diverse and compelling albums over the last 20 years including the unplugged acoustic album Sickle and Scythe and numerous recorded live albums.  Each progressive album delivers a range of high octane incendiary rock, raw visceral blues and powerful and personal heartfelt ballads, digging deep into his own emotional experiences and bearing his soul.  Albums include Let Sleepin Demons Lie, Confession with the Devil, O Rhesus Negative and Damascus.  His music is streamed and distributed in 60 countries with fans in every continent on the planet.  The album Wrath Widower (2013) was awarded a gold disc for the fastest selling worldwide sales on C D Baby.  In 2010 the single Hex on You won the Manchester Radio station 106.1 (now INXS Radio) Monsters of Rock Original Band Competition.


Previous Elias.T.Hoth performances include playing at the legendary London Oxford Road 100 Club, a venue that has been graced by The Beatles, Elton John, The Rolling Stones and David Bowie.  Over the last 20 years, Elias.T.Hoth has played at numerous UK and European blues clubs and rock festivals such as the 2009 UK North West Haigh Hall Outdoor Musical Festival and performing on the Premier British Stage in 2013 at the Colne International Blues Festival.


Elias.T.Hoth’s music has been reviewed by Classic Rock and British Blues magazines, with more extensive website reviews on line.  His unique catalogue of music is also consistently played throughout the world on numerous FM, digital and internet radio stations within the US, UK and Europe.  This performance will be showcasing songs from Elias.T.Hoth’s original back catalogue and will feature new songs from his latest album Cypher Code Syndrome to be released in June 2020.  Check out Elias.T.Hoth on Facebook, website and for more details.


There is no doubt that Elias.T.Hoth will share with you his own unique personal musical journey to touch the highs and depths of your emotions.  So come along and celebrate the ELIAS.T.HOTH 20th ANNIVERSARY musical extravaganza for a night to remember.



“Until now you may well have seen Elias.T.Hoth as a ferocious, brutal, snarling, uncompromising battle hardened war horse giving no quarter.  What is plain for all to see is that within our unforgiving battle hardened warhorse there is a rather tender, delicate and sensitive human being” –  Pete Feenstra reviewing the album “O Rhesus Negative”


Friday 26 Mar 2021, 7:30pm

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