Cameron Brown: As you are now so once were we

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Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival presents a new public art commission by artist Cameron Brown.

This work is intended as a celebration of the positive impact that the people of Warrington can have on the town and to recognise the underrated impact that this town can have on us, as a collective. To remember the people that came before, appreciate the people that are present and to be aware of what is still to come.

The following people are depicted (from left to right)

Nina Biddle, Stretton
Eddie Biddle, Stretton
David Whitehouse, Longford/Orford
Charlotte Nichols, Orford
Sophie New, Stockton Heath
Ryan Mercer, Howley
Matthew Gilchrist, Moore
Jonah Canavan, Rixton
Fern Baxter, Latchford
Hayley Barton, Howley
John Holmes, Bruche
David Holmes, Woolston
Caleb Barrie, Warrington
Nirupama Kondayya, India, now Bewsey and Whitecross
Vipin Nair, India, now Bewsey and Whitecross
Lucianne Canavan, Rixton
Peter Barlow, Woolston
Sarah Holmes, Woolston
Cath Barlow, Woolston
Jane Holmes, Woolston
Peter Argent, Appleton
Jane Argent, Appletongg
Ian Smith, Howley
Karina Norton, Warrington
Aidan McGinn, Cinnamon Brow
Mike Davies, Fearnhead
Grace Washington, Howley
Richard Lawson, Howley
Jim Heffernan, Oakwood
Ben Watson, Appleton
Heather Watt, Latchford
Shirley Nowell, Warrington
Peter Hampson, Orford
David Culleton, Longford
Chris McCabe, Great Sankey
Henry Wilson, Howley
Tracy Rigby, Padgate
Tony Rigby, Great Sankey
Valerie Rigby, Great Sankey
Dorcas Kelly, Padgate
Helen Bradshaw, Padgate
Peter Bradshaw, Padgate
Richard Hughes, Walton, now Gaucín
Pat Lowe, Bewsey
Anthony Crank, Latchford
Ronald Melbourne, Latchford
Amanda Dionysopoulos, Paddington, now Sydney
Beth Davenport, Latchford

This public art commission is delivered by Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival as part of the Warrington Time Machine Festival with funding from Arts Council England, Culture Warrington, Warrington Borough Council and National Trust.


Wednesday 14 Jul 2021, 10:00am

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Thursday 30 Sep 2021, 10:00am

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