A message to our customers about recent shows

To all our customers,

Across the board, the Covid era and restrictions on live events have had a direct impact on some of our Pyramid and Parr Hall shows and even now this unfortunately still remains the case for a small number of our performances as we edge back towards normality.

We’re really disappointed when a show has to be cancelled. It is always a very hard decision and one that is never taken lightly but this is the current state of play where each day we have to make decisions that will ensure our venues have a long life and outlive the pandemic.

Some events have been affected more than others as people’s confidence slowly grows around going out and we cannot deny that this can have an impact on audience numbers.

We pride ourselves on delivering shows of the highest quality where customer experience comes first and when we feel we cannot genuinely offer this, postponements and cancellations are sadly unavoidable. As a charity, we also have to consider the consequences of making a loss.

On other occasions, events have to be postponed for reasons such as isolation, sickness and various unforeseen circumstances.

We appreciate the cancellation of any event can cause frustration and disappointment and we can only offer our sincere apologies when this is the case, but a great deal consideration goes into every decision by joint agreement between all parties involved.

The team at Pyramid and Parr Hall