Creatives wanted for new town centre public art

Culture Warrington is delighted to announce five new commissions for artists living, working or connected to Warrington.  Thanks to funding from Arts Council England, Warrington BID and Warrington Borough Council, Culture Warrington is able to look for imaginative proposals to create new work to be presented in Warrington town centre.

As a cross-arts organisation, we wish to commission new work from several mediums including (but not exclusive to) visual arts, performing arts, film, photography and animation.

Work will be presented in Warrington town centre across a range of locations in Autumn/ Winter 2020 as part of the Warrington Contemporary Arts Festival.  Linking with Warrington’s Time Machine project, the commissioned work should reflect Warrington’s past, present or future, creating a sense of pride.

Successful artists will work alongside the team at Culture Warrington to select their town centre site (walls, shop windows, alley ways, bridges, hoardings etc), and will be assisted with research within the town’s archives and/or consultation with the community.

We are looking for visually-striking, vibrant and eye-catching work that will animate the town centre, challenge perceptions of heritage and generate intrigue and interest within the general public.

All work must be semi-permanent, and if outdoors, withstand the elements. Performing arts/film/ animation must be filmed or recorded and all costs included within the fee.


Fee: £1,250- £2,500 depending on artists experience and scale of work.

To apply: Please send a short paragraph about why you wish to work in Warrington; your interest in the town’s past, present or future and a brief description about the public art you would create if successful.  Please attached a minimum of two examples of your most recent work and links to website if possible.

Submission deadline: Sunday 20 September via email: [email protected]

Once sites have been agreed, successful artists will then be asked to create visual designs of their proposed work for agreement and confirmation.

The artwork will be presented in the town centre over a phased period from October 2020, to be agreed by Culture Warrington and the artist.


If you have any questions or concern,s please do not hesitate to email.

Good luck!