Crooners offers funny British twist for fans of the Rat Pack

Fans of the Rat Pack are being offered a very British alternative at Parr Hall.

Crooners comes to Warrington on Saturday 21 September with a brand new comedy musical which gives a quintessential British twist to a genre symbolized by the crooner and exemplified by the music of the American Song Book.

This show is a collaboration between comedy writer and performer Roman Marek and one of the UK’s most prolific modern swing bands The Mini Big Band, and features music by the greatest crooners of all time.

Expect to hear Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr, as well as Tony Bennett, Bobby Darin and Britain’s very own crooner Matt Monro, with a brand new comedy script which has had audiences smiling from ear to ear.

Script-writer Roman Marek said: “We love the music of the Rat Pack and the great crooners and wanted to combine that with our love of the British variety comedy show.

“We wanted a show that makes British audiences laugh out loud; an all-singing, all-dancing musical comedy.”

Crooners follows the story of three very British gentlemen who, by their very nature, exude the characteristics of a crooner: suave, self-assured, and stylish.

But, by the very same nature, it is not always obvious that these characteristics are adopted quite so well by the quintessentially British; cue a splendiferous injection of British comedy with tongue firmly in cheek.

Crooners includes the live on-stage musicianship of the 10-piece modern swing band The Mini Big Band – this is going to be a swingin’ affair!