Culture charity’s board welcomes new members at event to celebrate chair’s milestone birthday

Board members of arts charity Culture Warrington have welcomed new trustees to the team while celebrating their chairperson’s milestone birthday.

Six new colleagues have joined the existing board of trustees – bringing fresh enthusiasm and new ideas to the table – and were delighted to help chair of the board Maureen Banner mark her special occasion.

A surprise party was held at Pyramid arts centre to celebrate and bring members old and new together.

Mrs Banner said: “I was really touched by the board’s efforts to mark my special birthday; I wasn’t expecting a fuss so it was a lovely surprise.

“To celebrate the occasion with old friends and colleagues, and some new members who are passionate about making Culture Warrington the best we can be, made it even more memorable.”

New member David Simons explained his interest in joining the Culture Warrington team and what he would like to see the charity achieve.

“I believe in giving something back to the community; I’m passionate about the arts, whether it’s theatre, art galleries or music, and we’ve got some great talent in Warrington in those areas.

“I’d really like to see us do something that cuts through at a national level, something that puts Warrington on the map.”

For more information about Culture Warrington and its venues – Pyramid, Parr Hall and Warrington Museum & Art Gallery – visit or call Box Office on 01925 442345.